EMPRESS offers companies and other organizations the opportunity to use the professional services of certified consultants (SCP managers) in the field of consulting and technical assistance related to business diagnostics - initial assessment of sustainable consumption and production innovation and design of innovative projects (hereinafter referred to as Initial Evaluation).

The aim of the Initial Evaluation is to find potential for innovation in areas that will bring the company the greatest economic effects, but also positive environmental and social effects. Only then are these areas assigned specific tools and innovations. The output of the evaluation is a proposal of specific innovative projects including the way of their financing. Some companies use this assistance to identify the most suitable projects to use investment grants.

Initial Evaluation Procedure:

The consultant will evaluate and analyze the individual parts of the company - its processes, efficiency of material and energy flows utilization, management systems, interest groups that influence the company strategy and product life cycle and propose concrete measures that will bring the company the greatest desired effects. at the judgment of the company management. It will also propose financing options for the measures and instruments proposed, including financing from existing subsidy programs and, where appropriate, savings.

The company will obtain all the results of analyzes carried out within the project and propose concrete measures in the form of the Final Report from the Initial Evaluation and its annexes.


  • Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions Tubes CZ, sro, Ústí nad Labem
  • Autokoutek Ltd., Liberec
  • Barum Continental, Ltd., Otrokovice
  • Beznoska, Ltd., Kladno
  • BRUSH SEM, sro, Pilsen
  • CARD CENTRUM as, Prague
  • Deltacol, Ltd., Litovel
  • ELEKTRO , production cooperative in Becov nad Teplou
  • GERL textilni upravna a barevna, sro, Haje nad Jizerou
  • Jan Fiala Cihelna Sterboholy, Prague
  • Jedlička Institute, Liberec
  • LASER CENTRUM, sro, Liberec
  • Medifin, sro, Prague
  • Moravia Lacto, Inc., Jihlava
  • Hospital Jihlava, po
  • PROGRESS OK, as, Prerov
  • SVED Liberec, elektrotechnicke druzstvo
  • TK Galvanoservis, sro, Praha
  • VEGE + sro, Prague
  • BVV Trade Fairs Brno