VIZE 2024 showed the path to circular economy five years ago. It has finally been reflected in the new waste regulations.

Platform VIZE 2024 under the lead of EMPRESS o.p.s., during spring 2015, called professional and general public, representatives of the business and non-profit spheres: Let's promote implementation of the circular economy in the Czech Republic. To this was added ten concrete steps that will be necessary for the enforcement, including an increase in the price of waste landfilling as one of the prerequisites for real recycling to begin in our country. The ten VIZE 2024 requirements were largely reflected in the new waste laws.

The city of Lviv has confirmed that it is embarking on a "green path"

The city of Lviv, Ukraine, has been named the winner of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Golden Prize 2020 for Best Practice in the environmental and social fields. During the creation of the first Green City Action Plan (GCAP) in Ukraine, just under the auspices of the EBRD, the city of Lviv agreed on a number of environmental activities, which will be implemented through new initiatives and projects.