The city of Lviv has confirmed that it is embarking on a "green path"

The city of Lviv, Ukraine, has been named the winner of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Golden Prize 2020 for Best Practice in the environmental and social fields. During the creation of the first Green City Action Plan (GCAP) in Ukraine, just under the auspices of the EBRD, the city of Lviv agreed on a number of environmental activities, which will be implemented through new initiatives and projects.

During this cooperation with the EBRD, the city of Lviv has consistently placed environmental and social innovations at the forefront of its spatial planning. As one of the first cities in Ukraine, Lviv has committed itself to voluntarily reducing CO2 emissions under the EU Covenant of Mayors under the EBRD's "Green Cities" program. The council also had a number of environmental projects developed.

Experts from EMPRESS and ENVIROS jointly developed the Action Plan for the Green City of Lviv, which consists of environmental activities, including an evaluation of their financial demands. Our experts have prepared a number of proposals for various areas of city life, which have a great positive impact on climate change and the resilience of the city. In addition, these activities will have a significant positive impact on economic growth, job creation, public health and safety. It will also allow better access to amenities and increase the share of green spaces.

The implementation of the Action Plan is expected to bring the following results:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: 153,000 tonnes / year; 
  • Water savings: 10 million m3 / year.

EMPRESS congratulates our partners in the Lviv City Council on winning the 2020 EBRD award!