EMPRESS was established in 2008 as part of the Partnership for Sustainable Production and Services project. This project focused on developing a methodology for diagnosing opportunities for eco-efficient USV innovation in enterprises. The methodology has also been successfully tested in the parallel project Partnership for Sustainable Consumption and Production and EMPRESS was created as a platform for further dissemination of these processes.

Both follow-up projects were financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the state budget of the Czech Republic. The project “Partnership for Sustainable Production and Services” was implemented within the EU program focused on the Development of Human Resources of SPD 3 in Prague (CZ.04.3.07 / Its bearer was ENVIROS, Ltd. and its partners were the Economic Chamber of the Capital City of Prague. As part of this project, a new methodology for comprehensive assessment diagnostics was developed and piloted in ten companies in Prague.
opportunities for using sustainable consumption and production practices in enterprises (so-called assessment of SCP innovation opportunities). Pilot applications showed interesting facts. For example, businesses still have significant savings potential and even high-quality managed businesses can use USV tools to increase their value. The project trained more than 50 USV managers who will use the initial assessment methodology in other companies. More information can be found at www.usv-partner.cz.

The follow-up project “Partnership for Sustainable Consumption and Production” was supported within the Operational Program Human Resources Development (CZ.04.1.03 / / 0018), supported by CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency and partners of SITA CZ as, ENVIROS , sro, Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic and Central Bohemian University Institute